Our Founder

Born in Switzerland, the successful entrepreneur Mr. Frank Decan, hereinafter referred to as “FD”, is a self-made man with a proven track record of success in restructuring a vast number of companies all over the world. His problem-solving qualities, along with the capacity to seek opportunities where many would only see impossibilities and the willingness to find the solutions at any cost, steadily turned “FD” into a very sought-after entrepreneur with a strong reputation.

While helping dozens of companies on the brink of bankruptcy, by restructuring, reorganising them and ensuring they had a bright future ahead, for many decades “FD” travelled the world and spent most of his life staying in hotels, giving him first hand, a wealth of insight in the service and hospitality industry. Recently, after many decades living a busy entrepreneurial life, “FD” decided to return to his origins in Europe and eventually chose to settle in the Algarve, looking forward to the next challenge.

After talking to a lot of the retired people locally they shared with him a major issue that he had also witnessed all over the world: People work hard for decades in order to one day retire and sit back indulging themselves in a rewarding and much-deserved lifestyle but in fact, the hard reality is, that regardless of their financial means, most senior citizens end up living a lonely and disappointing lifestyle in a nursing home. A few may have the opportunity to benefit from the fully-grown adults who once were their children making the respectful decision to bring them into their home, thus infringing on the privacy of all and setting restrictions to the independence of all who live in the same house. Unfortunately, more often than not, this lack of privacy, will also inevitably see tensions beginning to surface between the sons, daughters and their parents, putting family relationships at serious risk. For all these reasons, “FD” thought this would be a worthwhile challenge and he needed to figure out a concept to resolve this problem.

After analysing the problem from all angles “FD” came to the conclusion that the solution would be to create a concept that would offer a life-changing opportunity for many families to resolve this very sensitive problem and hopefully he would create a new trend and inspire many more to duplicate his effort and concept globally.

“FD” concept could be described briefly as giving families an innovative and much better option to care for their loved ones by offering them the best of both worlds. On one side their parents will have fulfilled their dream by being able to live independently, in comfort and safety, while on the other side having peace of mind, knowing that they have at their disposal all the necessary customised assistance and services, very similar to what you would experience from a Concierge in a 5-star hotel. In short, every resident will have the unique opportunity, generally reserved to an elite, to design his own lifestyle and avail himself, at his own pace, of the services according to his needs and desires, while enjoying as much or as little social interaction with the community.

After much thought and consideration, “FD” decided to name this concept:
Mount Olympus”, a hedonistic retreat for elegant living, crafted with character and generosity.